I recently published “Untethered“, a non-fiction book on the inner workings of human nature.

You can grab a copy HERE in paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats.


A quip about the book by a noted anthropologist at Boston University, Dr. M. Chloe Mulderig:

“Untethered is an intellectual journey well worth taking. Koren’s willingness to transcend disciplinary boundaries and show the connections between human psychology, biology, sociology, and philosophy provides his reader with a more complete and meaningful vision of human nature and interaction. Untethered builds its narrative brilliantly, layer by layer, developing complex social theory in a way that is accessible to all readers. By elucidating basic truths about the human experience, Koren presents the tools necessary to create your own sense of order in an increasingly complex and stressful world.”


A review of the book by Mark Leichliter, a noted author:

“Artem Koren has written the sort of book that should seem, if talking about it at a cocktail party or dinner party among intellectual friends, impossible, for he manages to take some of the most complicated subjects about human nature imaginable and make them clear, engaging, and approachable. At moments funny, frequently provocative, and always insightful, Untethered will leave you thinking about your own nature and about the implications our collective nature has on our future, particularly as the pace of social change continues to advance at ever faster speeds. Readers who love science but find it intimidating will have found a friend in Koren, and those familiar with similar work will discover a writer who echoes Robert Sapolsky and David Deutch. Highly recommend.”