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1. @sembly_ai attends the meeting in your calendar
2. It generates meeting notes and key items
3. Posts beautiful meeting notes in @slackhq w link to the meeting
4. The entire team aligned to deliver the next version of awesome

You're welcome 🙂

#aiforbusiness #slackhack

Hey @logseq community! With @sembly_ai you can now export transcripts in markdown format, for easy import to your favorite apps like Logseq or @NotionHQ. Check it out -- unlimited recording, free trial available🙌 #AIforgood

Sembly looks at the meeting concept and reimagines it with #CAI. Discover how this technology can be used to decrease project failures.

Watch this interview with @GilMakleff from @sembly_ai and @IanUtile from #VOICE22:

#AIML #DigitalTransformation

Generative AI is a transformational technology. This year, it was successfully applied to unstructured tasks (dall-E, Jasper). Next, it'll be applied in structured domains, with productive outcomes for a broad range of professionals @OpenAI #generativeAI #genAI #futureofwork

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